Our Mission:

Believing that the youth of today are our leaders of tomorrow, Strength2Change aims to develop youth leadership, character, and strength to at-risk and deserving youth through fitness.

Our Problem:

Many if not all entrepreneurs in the fitness space join the movement to “change lives” or “make an impact”, which is great and so many lives are changed or impacted every day. But, how many businesses or services are tailored to the demographic that would possibly benefit the most, youth and further at-risk youth? More specifically under privileged children whose parents could never afford our high priced services and will most likely never have the opportunity to be coached by anyone on leadership, strength, nutrition, or fitness. Few to none. The majority of us, myself included, moved into the space, built a great facility and put a hefty price tag on their services, which they are worth, but by doing so cut off the possibility to 10s of 1000s of people in our area, youth included, who need your service more than anyone who has possibly walked through your door to date. Therefore, perpetuating the problems of government handouts, health care, childhood obesity and numerous medical conditions caused by an unhealthy and inactive lifestyle including cancer.

Our Solution:

Our solution to this problem is to provide reduced or free training scholarships to deserving youth around the world. Strength2Change scholarships will provide a previously impossible opportunity to young people to develop leadership, character, mental toughness and physical strength. Our organization serves as the link between deserving young people and quality youth programs.

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